Make a Statement with Your Building’s Façade

A building’s façade, is an opportunity to generate a wow factor for the entire structure. Due to this fact, architects spend countless man-hours in the concept and design of their new project’s façade. This architectural feature tends to dominate and project the building’s true nature. It is no wonder then, that so much time and effort is placed in the selection of the right materials and building envelope system to fulfil this role.

Over the course of modern architecture, the building envelope has tended towards the use of various translucent glazing materials. The driving force behind this trend has largely been to create dynamic open interiors spaces, where natural daylight can be used to its maximal effect. The introduction of all this natural light, however, comes with its own set of performance-related challenges.

Danpal Facade Systems

This is where Danpal’s range of facade systems really come into their own! Over the course of the last 30 years, Danpal has pioneered a select range of solutions for the building façade. These systems are based on the translucent Danpalon microcell panel, which was originally developed as a practical solution for balancing thermal and solar performance.

As modern buildings have grown in stature, curtain-wall façade systems have been developed, to accommodate these new heights. These curtain walls traditionally rely on the glass as a medium for transmitting natural daylight into the building. Unfortunately, this can also add a significant amount of unwanted weight to the overall structure. Danpal has addressed this concern by integrating its lightweight Danpalon panels within more advanced Danpal building envelope systems.

It is now possible to have a curtain-wall type translucent building façade that is lightweight, weatherproof, offers solar control, thermal balance, and has aesthetic appeal. Danpal’s solution-driven systems include the Danpatherm system, which offers an industry-unique, double-wall unitized cassette structure that delivers exceptional U-Value performance. The Danpal Controlite system, developed to adapt to a wide range of solar conditions and automatically adjust the amount of incoming daylight, to a set LUX level.

Danpal offers these façade solutions along with standard aluminum famed Danpalon panel-based systems, to provide each architect with a dynamic set of options to create performance-driven feature facades. Allow natural daylight into your building by choosing a Danpal façade system and create a visual masterpiece without compromise.

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Facades Add Beauty To Function

The human species has a natural affinity for beauty. We might scoff at such a concept because it sounds too dramatic, but it’s the truth. If you go to an airport, chances are that you’re boarding a flight to go somewhere. And yet, airports are more than just airplanes; they have artwork and sculptures to attract the attention of travelers. It’s the same with other buildings. While hospitals have certain features in common, and stadiums conform to certain structural patterns, and schools have a specific look, they don’t all look alike.

That’s because, in addition to the building components like a roof, walls, doors, etc. that are common features in structures, the architect who designed the plans had more than function in mind. At Danpal, we believe in beauty and that’s why our facades are so dazzling. The variety of colors, textures, and finishes gives an architect the freedom that’s needed to give a building a unique image.


The aesthetics of a building reflects individual preferences, but no one who works inside a building wants to have the day’s tasks interrupted by a leaking roof. The same goes for people in their living space; they want to have a home that’s attractive on the outside, and comfortable dry on the inside.

It’s for that reason that Danpal facades are able to shield a building from the harm that weather can cause. Moisture inside a building can lead to serious problems in the structure, but it also can cause health problems to develop, especially if the occupants of the building already suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Rain, snow, sleet, hail and wind are powerful weather foes, but a Danpal façade is a building’s friend.


As we’ve already noted, esthetics is an important part of an architect’s design. Can you imagine what it would be like if every building on the street where you live or where you work looked exactly alike? We won’t even consider the trials and tribulations of trying to figure out which one is the one you’d need to enter in a community of identical buildings. But facades give a building its individuality with artistic touches that make a difference.

Visualize how striking your building would look if you alternated light and dark colors in order to create a vivid impression that catches the attention of people passing by. Layering different shades of a particular color can create depth to the perspective of a building. All buildings are not created alive and Danpal facades celebrate the unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.


We’ve talked about the function of a building. We’ve explained a building’s aesthetics. But there’s one more thing that makes the difference in a Danpal façade, and that’s technology. Danpal, a company which has been a leader in the building industry for over 30 years, prides itself on its innovative flair. Our microcell technology keeps the facades resistant to moisture.

Energy can’t escape because of thermal insulation. We use a snap-lock connection system and double-click locking seams to give a building the utmost in security and high-load resistance.

Facades deliver superior function and appearance

Take a good look at what’s going on outside a building. What do you notice? If you’re observing the exterior of a building during rain, you’ll see that the skies open up and pour rain down everything below.

There’s no shelter for the building. It’s the same with snow, which falls and lands and piles up on the roof of a building. Cold winds are merciless. A building has nowhere to escape from the wrath of the elements. Weather is a tough adversary and at first glance, a building seems to have no way to defend against the elements.

But even though a building is locked into its location, that doesn’t make it defenseless, as long as it’s equipped with a façade by Danpal. If you’re looking for a way to give your building more protection from the weather, Danpal is here to help.


Facades are probably more well known for what they do to improve the appearance of a building, but in reality, they’re also performing a vital function. With a Danpal façade, you can be confident that your building has superior thermal insulation to provide energy efficiency and comfort for a building’s occupants.

Danpal facades also deliver wind load resistance, reinforcing the ability of a structure to withstand the elements. Our facades are easy to install, so you’re going to reap the benefits in time and cost that come with less on-site labor. Less on-site labor causes less disruption for the building occupants and less cost for the building’s owner.


Danpal has a well-established history for designing and manufacturing products that lead the pack when it comes to innovative performance. Keeping the weather out of a building’s interior is one of our areas of expertise. That’s because our facades employ a double-click locking system for powerful impact resistance. When it comes to the other side of the weather spectrum, our facades offer co-extended UV protection. Rain, shine or snow, we’re the façade experts in the building industry.


We don’t always like the rain and the snow, but everyone agrees that daylight is one of nature’s best gifts! As pioneers in daylighting architecture, Danpal has perfected the art of utilizing natural light to enhance the appearance of a building. By hiding or integrating building elements with conventional glazing, the amount of light can be controlled so that it creates striking visual contrasts in the amount that you prefer.

Variable levels of light transmission are the way to design an appearance that will impress and amaze. Daylighting is a dynamic, exciting way to enhance a building with an esthetic feature that pleases everyone.

In addition to daylighting, Danpal also offers a dazzling palette of colors from which to choose. We have special effects, textures, and finishes that allow you to give your building exactly the right image. Danpal designs products that give buildings strength, beauty, and efficiency.

Not just another pretty facade

Neighborhoods and commercial districts all have unique identities that take their image from the buildings that are located there. People come and go but the structures remain, instilling an identity in the landscape that adds to the character of the area. Buildings are designed and constructed according to architectural plans based upon certain styles and functions, but there’s a way for a structure to add to its appearance beyond its original design and that’s through facades. Facades, which offer choices of colors, finishes, and textures that deepen the esthetic appearance of a building, are a popular option for architects who want their creative work to impart an extra level of imagination.


Architects enjoy the opportunity to let a building take on an artistic presence as if it were a work of art with people inside. If you’ve ever seen a façade which alternates dark and light colors, you know how vividly this impression catches the eye. Adding depth to the perspective of a building is easily accomplished by layering different shades of a particular color. Other ways to add pizazz to a building are to incorporate columns or brick stacks or feature lighting. Danpal has so many variations on the theme of color that it will be a challenge to choose from all the selections that are available.


Danpal facades bring beauty but they also help to resist weather. The facades are made of microcell technology which provides strength. The façade’s thermal insulation prevents energy from being wasted by escaping out of the building. The double-click locking seams provide high-load resistance and security. The structural function of the façade is as much a part of its purpose as is its attractive appearance. All of these features are designed to keep your building strong no matter what the weather is doing outside.


A Danpal facace, with this microcell technology and double-click locking seams, is well-equipped to handle the harsh elements that weather brings. The world outside your windows might look as if a flood of rain is coming from the skies. You might open the door to a landscape that’s covered in white from heavy snowfall. You might hear the wind howling outside, or hail striking the building. But the building itself is shielded by the power of the façade’s defensive barrier that allows you to stay snug and warm inside.


We’ve all heard a lot about the dangers of mold and how it can cause serious harm for people with respiratory problems. If you work in a building or live in a home that has a mold problem, you may have noticed that allergies and asthma are worse. That’s because mold is born in damp places where moisture has attacked insulation. Once the insulation is no longer dry, it becomes a breeding ground for mold that quickly spreads.

A Danpal façade can make a world of difference in the health and wellbeing of your building and the people inside it.


Buildings. In many instances, it’s a case of “seen one, seen them all.” But Danpal believes that buildings can be more than just one-size-fits-all structures that fulfill a functional purpose. A building can also look great while it’s fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed and built. That’s why Danpal facades are so popular with architects. Our facades offer a variety of ways for a building to show off and become something more than just another structure. We provide colors, textures, and finishes that turn an ordinary building into a functioning work of art. You’ll be amazed at the options that you’ll find when you explore the world of Danpal facades.


You may not be considering beauty as a standard feature of a building, but after you’ve seen the difference that facades can deliver, you’ll be excited about the choices you can make. A building can take on different dimensions merely by the selections you make for your façade. Do you want to add depth to the perspective? You can do that by layering different shades of color. We offer feature lighting, brick stacks, and columns so that you can give your building a dazzling appearance. Seeking a bold, eye-catching image? Try alternating dark and light colors. With Danpal facades, beauty is an option that you won’t want to do without.


Even while looking gorgeous, a Danpal façade is hard at work making sure that weather doesn’t ruin the building. No matter where you live, there’s a weather manifestation that can be particularly harmful. In some parts of the world, winter is a season to dread because it brings snow, cold temperatures and wind. Other places have rainy seasons that deliver torrential downpours. All regions of the globe have weather, and they all have buildings. That’s why Danpal has designed facades that are able to protect a building’s interior from weather worries.

Some of the problems that weather causes are immediately noticed. But others, like the mold that can develop if insulation gets wet, may not be detected as quickly until they’ve already created a problem. In houses or workplaces where insulation is compromised by moisture that penetrated a building’s exterior, the occupants may find themselves suffering from health issues. This is particularly true for people who already have respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies. When that happens, the building in which these people live and work is actually making them sick. A façade by Danpal is a great way to keep your building and the people inside it healthier.


We’ve dedicated our decades of experience to devising products that are strong enough to stand up to weather. Microcell technology is the secret to the strength of our facades. Our thermal insulation prevents energy from escaping. The result? Your heating and cooling remain at consistent temperatures all the year around. Hail can’t get past our snap-lock connection systems. With our double-click locking seams, a building can count on security and high-load resistance. That’s Danpal innovation in action!

Facades Are The Beautiful Way To Protect Buildings From Weather Damage

Danpal, a leader in the building industry with over half a century of experience, has always emphasized the importance of manufacturing high-quality products that deliver superior performance. Our commitment to the environment assures our clients that the materials we produce support their own ecological concerns. These are the factors which have established our company as a trailblazer in the field. But we also have a creative influence on the buildings that are designed by architects. That harmony of creativity and performance is exemplified by our facades. The façade of a building is both an esthetic and a functional component of the structure.

Matching A Façade To the Neighborhood

We provide many options for colors, textures, and finishes so that architects can have a wide variety of choices when deciding how the building will look. A building has a designated purpose for the occupants within; whether it’s a home or a workplace, the interior of the structure must be safe and comfortable for the people who spend time there. But a building also has its own neighborhood; how it looks on the exterior will play a part in the way it fits into the community. Is your building located in a part of the community where the architectural style is more traditional, or is it in an area that’s know for its modern look? The façade that you choose can blend with the style that’s best suited for the building’s location. Facades can enhance the outward appearance of a building so that it helps to create a positive impression.

FacadesFaçade Strength Keeps Weather Damage Away

Microcell technology is at the heart of the strength of a Danpal façade. The high-impact resistance capitalizes on microcell technology to enable a building to withstand the damage that hail can cause. The snap-lock connection system keeps water and air from invading the building and letting moisture thrive. There’s also co-extended UV protection with Danpal facades so that the power of the sun won’t cause harm to your building over time.

Facades And Esthetics

Daylight is one of the most attractive features that’s provided with Danpal facades. The glazing panel of the façade has tight spacing between the ribs so that the natural light from outside can be evenly diffused inside. Light also opens the possibilities for visual contrasts, as building elements, whether hidden or integrated with conventional glazing, create fascinating impressions. There is also a wonderful range of colors and finishes to transform a building into an artistic masterpiece.

Other Advantages of Facades

Architects appreciate the flexibility of Danpal facades which makes them much easier to work with. The flush external of the concealed joints can warp and twist if necessary. Another feature is the system certification, which is compliant with ISO9001 and CSTB requirements. As the “R” values of roofing insulation have almost tripled in recent decades, Danpal facades play a role. That’s because the unique cell structure of the façade works with superior thermal insulation. At at a time when environmental responsibility is the universal goal, Danpal’s facades do their part to make the world a better place.

Facades Make Buildings Stronger, More Appealing, More Energy Efficient

There are a number of considerations that go into the design of a building. An architect has an image of a building as she or he works, but throughout the creative process, a very analytical procedure is taking place simultaneously. Weather is always uppermost in the architect’s planning: is this building located in a region where it will be subjected to particularly wet weather in the form of rain and snow? Will sunlight be intense? Is the area a windy place? How extreme are the weather conditions and how will they impact the building? Architects build with the weather, environmental regulations, and esthetics in mind, and throughout all of this, they are also eager to please the client for whom they are designing the building. The client is also concerned about the cost of the building: Will it require much maintenance? Will it last a long time? Will it perform its primary function and meet expectations?

All of these considerations matter a great deal. Danpal, a leader in the building industry, recommends its facades as a way of putting architect and client concerns to rest. Danpal facades combine impressive strength with light weight for a product that’s easy to work with and built to last.

Danpal Strengths Create Superior Facades

A façade by Danpal can resist the impact of weather while preventing moisture from penetrating a building. Our microcell technology keeps the building watertight and airtight, and our double-click locking system offers impressive impact resistance. The snap-lock connection system also contributes to the prevention of penetration by moisture.

FacadesFacades Can Handle The Light

Natural light is a great innovation in building materials and Danpal facades lead the way for this popular feature. The tight spacing between the ribs of the façade’s glazing panel transmits evenly diffused natural light to enhance the internal working and living spaces. At the same time, we’re well aware that sunlight, as much as we love it, can be a problem for a building. That’s why we offer co-extended UV protection so that the building will enjoy a long life span.

Energy Efficiency Is Supported By Danpal Facades

The unique cell structure of our facades can be credited with improvements in the “U” and “R” values that support better thermal insulation and increased energy efficiency. Today’s consumers expect their places of work and residence to mirror their own environmental concerns and Danpal is pleased to do our utmost to meet this expectation from our customers. We’re all about Global Vision, Local Focus as we support the environment and the expectations of our clients.

Esthetic Appeal Is Part Of the Danpal Façade Attraction

There’s no need for a building to be dull. Not when Danpal offers so many options in the form of colors, finishes and textures that can dazzle the eye and enhance the look of the community. Our facades allow the architect to release those creative instincts that make a building more than a construction project.

Danpal Facades Are Easy To Work With

Danpal is committed to creating products that are easy to work with. Our facades are designed with concealed joints that create a flush external. If necessary for performance, the flush external can twist and warp.

Choosing a Danpal façade means choosing strength, esthetics, flexibility, and sustainability. It’s the smart choice!

Facades That Fight Weather

A lot has changed over the vast number of years since humans first walked upon the planet, but one things has stayed the same: Mother Nature hasn’t lost any of her strength over the millennia. As long as there’s been a planet, there has been weather. And as long as there’s been weather, there has been stress on the structures that humans build for shelter against the elements. Buildings have a life span, nature doesn’t. We’ve all noticed that, instead of losing any of its power, nature seems to be gaining force. Storms topple trees, heavy rains cause landslides, blizzards ground planes and bring travel to a halt, hurricanes level homes and everything else in their paths. No one should take the forces of nature lightly.

Danpal doesn’t take nature lightly, and that’s why our company has spent the 50 years that we’ve been in business continually innovating our products so that they can present a sturdy defense against the adverse effects of nature on buildings. In particular, our facades are designed to mount the most effective defense possible against the threats posed by rain, snow, hail and winds. Weather and buildings are constantly at odds, but with Danpal facades, buildings are strong enough to win the battle.

Danpal Facades Are Built To Resist Weather

Danpal’s engineers and designers have devoted their expertise into fortifying Danpal facades with cutting-edge technology that knows how to keep energy in and weather out. Microcell technology possesses high-quality thermal insulation that backs up energy efficiency to prevent heating or cooling from escaping. Security and high-load resistance are the result of the façade’s double-click locking seams. With our snap-lock connection systems, destructive weather like hail can’t break through to cause damage.

FacadesA Danpal Façade Is Better For Your Health

It’s true! Incredible as it may sound, a façade that’s able to keep weather from damaging the insulation on a building’s interior is also keeping the occupants healthier. That’s because insulation that stays dry isn’t compromised by moisture. When moisture invades a building, the result is mold, which, in turn, creates health problems for the people living inside, particularly if anyone suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments.

Danpal Facades Aren’t Just Strong, They’re Beautiful As Well

One of the most attractive traits of Danpal facades is their appearance. There are so many ways to make a building unique just by choosing the façade that suits your building. Color, of course, always adds so much to a building’s appearance and this is only one of the areas where Danpal’s versatility makes a difference. But there are other features as well. Imagine how striking your building will look if you add depth to the perspective by layering different shades of color. Alternative dark and light colors creates a vivid appearance that adds to your building’s esthetic image. With columns, feature lighting or brick stacks, you can enhance your building’s look. If you’ve always considered buildings as lacking in esthetic appeal, you might want to reconsider that view, because Danpal facades don’t forget the beauty.

Facades And Buildings: A Long-Term Partnership

Sometimes we forget that architecture was, perhaps, one of the first creative endeavors that human beings pursued. The magnificent structures that astound us, whether it’s the enormous arrangement of stones at Stonehenge or the tombs of ancient Egypt, are amazing for the skill, science, and art that went into their construction. They’re also amazing because they’re still here. Buildings have that capacity to inspire us with an awareness of what our ancestors were capable of. It’s unfortunate that, in today’s world, we fail to expect buildings to rise to that same level of awe-inspiring wonder. Maybe that needs to change.

Danpal wasn’t around when the stones were put in place at Stonehenge or when the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were constructed. We’re proud of our 50 years in the building industry but we can’t claim the longevity of the ancient world or the early centuries. But we can proudly lay claim to one aspect of those past achievements: we also believe that buildings should be built to last. Those architects of earlier civilizations didn’t have the advantage of the technology that we employ, but they were also dealing with the same adversary that we face, and that’s weather. Imagine what they could have achieved if they’d had access to Danpal facades!

FacadeFacades Can Stop Weather Damage Before It Starts

Buildings built in different climates face different challenges. Stonehenge and the Egyptian tombs don’t have the same weather to endure. Architects set to work with their meteorology and their geography firmly in mind. The façade that’s right for wet, damp, rainy England wouldn’t work for the dry desert of Egypt. Fortunately, there’s a great deal of versatility among facades. You’ll be able to select one that can protect a building from the powerful snowstorms that some parts of the globe experience in winter, as well as the driving rains that soak everything beneath the skies. Choosing the façade that’s right for your climate means choosing the façade that’s going to protect your building for a long time to come.

What Facades Do When Not Protecting Buildings From Weather

There are always times when a building isn’t facing rain, snow, hail, wind or hot sun. But that just means that they’re still at work doing what they always do, no matter the weather. Facades have a functional purpose, but they also have an esthetic role to play in the life cycle of a building as well, and it’s one that also has a connection to nature. But this time, it’s a much more tranquil role.

Danpal has earned a reputation for pioneering what’s called “daylighting architecture.” That’s how we describe the way that we incorporate natural light into the interiors of our buildings. Architects use our facades to create an interior atmosphere that is able to adapt to the changing angles of the light so that exactly the right amount enters, improving the ability to see and also improving the way that we feel. Our human reaction to natural light may seem intangible, but studies show that it’s real; we have a better attitude in general, and we’re more productive on our work, when we’re working in an environment which supports natural light.

Facades That Are Built To Last

Buildings look so imposing, don’t they? Externally, they stand tall and dominate the landscape with their height. Inside, we expect to see a flurry of activity as people interact, work, and conduct business. But architects know that every building, regardless of its purpose, is only as strong as the materials that were used to make it. Every building is at the mercy of the elements; if a building is constructed from inferior materials, each drop of rain and each flake of snow is part of the arsenal of weather that can lead to its downfall. A façade system by Danpal is the best way to protect your building from weather.

Danpal Facades Are Built To Last

Weather has been around for a long time, right? Danpal knows that. That’s why we build products that are designed to last. With a façade system from Danpal, a building can stand up to the storms, hail, and winds that the seasons bring. A façade system will be around for a long, long time. Danpal understands that different facades are suited for different styles of architecture and different settings. The climate where the building is located is an important factor to consider when choosing your structure’s façade. A rainy climate calls for very different specifications than what would be needed if your building is located where the sun is a major factor. When choosing a façade system, you want to be sure that it blends well with the façade that suits it.

FaçadeDanpal Facades Enhance Your Building’s Appearance

Façades do a lot to make a building work better. They promote energy efficiency, which is always a priority in today’s environmentally conscious markets. They have another advantage that makes them an asset. Facades encourage creativity and originality and Danpal adds a flourish with lots of options, including a variety of colors, finishes, and special effects.

Natural Light is a Façade Favorite

The idea that external light can become a feature of interior design is a bold concept. But Danpal, a pioneer in daylighting architecture, has developed facades that know how to work with the natural light of the outdoors in order to create a more holistic indoor setting. Knowing the angles from which sunlight will enter your building allows the architect to adjust for the changing patterns of natural light. The result is an interior that benefits from exactly the amount of natural light that makes a difference, making it easier to see and also transforming the atmosphere within the building so that it nurtures productivity and coziness.

At Danpal, a building isn’t just a combination of assembled products. It’s a home, or a workplace, a stadium or a store . . . it’s a structure that provides comfort, shelter, and purpose for the people who gather inside. That philosophy has made it possible for Danpal to blaze a trail in the building industry that joins our expertise in research and manufacturing with our understanding of what a building should provide for the people inside. Danpal is your destination for facades that last.

Wall Cladding for Long-Lasting Protection Against Weather

A building is a major investment for a company or a family. Anyone who goes to the time and effort of constructing and owning a building wants to do everything possible to make sure that the investment delivers a profitable return. One of the best ways to do that is to provide the right kind of protection so that the building isn’t compromised by the harm that weather can cause. All it takes to bring a building to ruin is for moisture to invade the interior of a structure.

As the moisture spreads, mold grows, and with mold comes harm to the physical health of the occupants and structural health of the building as well. How can you protect your building from the dangers of mold-causing moisture? Many homes and offices today have opted to install wall cladding so that the property remains in good condition. Danpal products are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and versatility and you’ll find that our wall cladding meets these standards.

Wall CladdingWhy Wall Cladding Is Better Than Tile

As we learned more about the need to change our habits in order to protect our planet, we’ve found out that everything we do affects the world in which we live. That’s also true for the building materials that we choose. Wall cladding is the environmentally smart decision to make for your building. In recent years, we’ve discovered how important sustainability is for the long-term health of our planet and that lifestyle has changed the way we build. People used to choose tile instead, until they realized that because tile breaks and needs to be replaced, it doesn’t support sustainability the way that wall cladding does.

Wall Cladding Installation Is Easy

The light weight of wall cladding makes it so easy to work with that an entire structure can be installed within days. The lightness of its weight is equaled by its long-lasting durability. Danpal’s Ventilated Rainscreen System (VRS), which is made of microcell polycarbonate panels, is three times lighter than traditional rainscreen cladding. Danpal’s microcell technology has proven to deliver superior performance in our building products. Polycarbonate is today’s popular choice because of its impressive strength. The installation is easy, the performance is long-lasting.

Why Choose Danpal Wall Cladding?

Choosing Danpal is the smart choice because, with more than thirty years of experience in the building industry, we’re the go-to company for state-of-the-art light and thermal systems in architecture. We’ve become leaders because we field a team that has a broad range of knowledge and expertise. We respect our clients and we’re eager to help you make the building decision that meets your needs. When you meet with us to discuss your expectations for the project, our experts will offer you our recommendations. We’re patient with all questions and we’ll guide you through each step of the purchasing and installation process. Because we have a presence on five different continents, we offer terrific global distribution channels. We can help you choose the wall cladding that suits your climate, your building and your preferences.