Facades That Are Built To Last


Buildings look so imposing, don’t they? Externally, they stand tall and dominate the landscape with their height. Inside, we expect to see a flurry of activity as people interact, work, and conduct business. But architects know that every building, regardless of its purpose, is only as strong as the materials that were used to make it. Every building is at the mercy of the elements; if a building is constructed from inferior materials, each drop of rain and each flake of snow is part of the arsenal of weather that can lead to its downfall. A façade system by Danpal is the best way to protect your building from weather.

Danpal Facades Are Built To Last

Weather has been around for a long time, right? Danpal knows that. That’s why we build products that are designed to last. With a façade system from Danpal, a building can stand up to the storms, hail, and winds that the seasons bring. A façade system will be around for a long, long time. Danpal understands that different facades are suited for different styles of architecture and different settings. The climate where the building is located is an important factor to consider when choosing your structure’s façade. A rainy climate calls for very different specifications than what would be needed if your building is located where the sun is a major factor. When choosing a façade system, you want to be sure that it blends well with the façade that suits it.

FaçadeDanpal Facades Enhance Your Building’s Appearance

Façades do a lot to make a building work better. They promote energy efficiency, which is always a priority in today’s environmentally conscious markets. They have another advantage that makes them an asset. Facades encourage creativity and originality and Danpal adds a flourish with lots of options, including a variety of colors, finishes, and special effects.

Natural Light is a Façade Favorite

The idea that external light can become a feature of interior design is a bold concept. But Danpal, a pioneer in daylighting architecture, has developed facades that know how to work with the natural light of the outdoors in order to create a more holistic indoor setting. Knowing the angles from which sunlight will enter your building allows the architect to adjust for the changing patterns of natural light. The result is an interior that benefits from exactly the amount of natural light that makes a difference, making it easier to see and also transforming the atmosphere within the building so that it nurtures productivity and coziness.

At Danpal, a building isn’t just a combination of assembled products. It’s a home, or a workplace, a stadium or a store . . . it’s a structure that provides comfort, shelter, and purpose for the people who gather inside. That philosophy has made it possible for Danpal to blaze a trail in the building industry that joins our expertise in research and manufacturing with our understanding of what a building should provide for the people inside. Danpal is your destination for facades that last.