Danpal® shading solutions offer ultimate control over thermal and solar
dynamics, as well as superior durability and UV protection.
Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to spark your imagination.


How A Well-Chosen Shading System Makes All The Difference!


Bespoke shading systems, are often overlooked, during conception and design phases. The result is buildings that face an uphill battle between the introduction of natural daylight, and the resulting need for solar control. Fortunately, there are effective options in the market, which are design to be retrofitted to existing structures.

We have to ask is, what options are there and how do we know what makes a shading system effective? From our perspective, there are 3 major performance factors that any shading solution, should resolve. The first of which is installed weight, a crucial element to consider, as a heavy shading system will not be able to be installed on many building facades. This limitation often over-looked, may result in unforeseen, and expensive damage to the building.

The 2nd major consideration when selecting a shading system should be the consideration of the effect of the overall reduction of natural daylight. Often the very real need to reduce the solar heat gain results in the installation of a system, which almost completely blocks out daylight! This type of solution ends up causing further negative knock-on effects, such as the need for additional interior lighting and heating.

Lastly, the shading solution should benefit the building, by providing an aesthetic upgrade to the existing structure. The system chosen should allow for variation in colour, finish and light transmission and enhance the design intent of the architect. Our DANPAL shading solution does just this, a Danpalon based lightweight system, allows for a whole spectrum of colour and light transmission variability. We call this, Light Architecture in action.

Danpal® Louvre System

Translucent shading system providing maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance. Users can adjust the louvres.With Danpal®, shading becomes a creative tool to dynamically transform the exterior. Available in a variety of colors, finishes and effects.