Unitized Large-Spanning High Insulation System for Façades

Unique, factory assembled building system designed to achieve high thermal performance and good light transmission with superb spanning capabilities. Danpatherm® is quick and easy to install. When integrated with a complete LED lighting system, it creates a radiant wall during the day and light box at night.


  • Exceptional thermal insulation
  • Factory pre-assembled cassette
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Clean look – no visible aluminium
  • Variable levels of light transmission
  • Unparalleled wind load resistance

More Info

Unitized System for Clean & Quick Installation
Danpatherm is a cassette panel system that is pre-fabricated off-site. It is quick and easy to install, reducing labour costs and construction times. Danpatherm prevents moisture and dirt penetrating between the panels. External panels can be removed if necessary without affecting the building envelope.

Low U Values
By including a translucent insulating material in the cavity, this unique double glazing concept can offer U values low as 0.52 W/m²K in Danpatherm K12, and 0.72 W/m²K in Danpatherm K7.

Excellent Load Resistance and Spanning Capabilities
Danpatherm offers unparalleled wind load resistance and can span more than 3 metres unsupported, significantly reducing requirements for secondary steel framing.

Soft, Diffused Light
Danpatherm double glazing features Softlite, a special finish inherently manufactured into the panels that ensures even transmission of light and eliminates glare. With Soflite, interiors are evenly lit with a gentle and diffused light. Softlite is one of a wide range of finishes offered by Danpal®.





danpatherm k7 k12

With Danpatherm LED you can enjoy daylight benefits during the day and turn your building into a light box at night.

Artificial Lighting Inside Danpatherm:

  • Pre-fabricated cassette system integrated with a complete LED lighting system
  • Long lasting, durable facade system
  • Artificial lighting for endless design possibilities at night