Facades Are The Beautiful Way To Protect Buildings From Weather Damage

Danpal, a leader in the building industry with over half a century of experience, has always emphasized the importance of manufacturing high-quality products that deliver superior performance. Our commitment to the environment assures our clients that the materials we produce support their own ecological concerns. These are the factors which have established our company as a trailblazer in the field. But we also have a creative influence on the buildings that are designed by architects. That harmony of creativity and performance is exemplified by our facades. The façade of a building is both an esthetic and a functional component of the structure.

Matching A Façade To the Neighborhood

We provide many options for colors, textures, and finishes so that architects can have a wide variety of choices when deciding how the building will look. A building has a designated purpose for the occupants within; whether it’s a home or a workplace, the interior of the structure must be safe and comfortable for the people who spend time there. But a building also has its own neighborhood; how it looks on the exterior will play a part in the way it fits into the community. Is your building located in a part of the community where the architectural style is more traditional, or is it in an area that’s know for its modern look? The façade that you choose can blend with the style that’s best suited for the building’s location. Facades can enhance the outward appearance of a building so that it helps to create a positive impression.

FacadesFaçade Strength Keeps Weather Damage Away

Microcell technology is at the heart of the strength of a Danpal façade. The high-impact resistance capitalizes on microcell technology to enable a building to withstand the damage that hail can cause. The snap-lock connection system keeps water and air from invading the building and letting moisture thrive. There’s also co-extended UV protection with Danpal facades so that the power of the sun won’t cause harm to your building over time.

Facades And Esthetics

Daylight is one of the most attractive features that’s provided with Danpal facades. The glazing panel of the façade has tight spacing between the ribs so that the natural light from outside can be evenly diffused inside. Light also opens the possibilities for visual contrasts, as building elements, whether hidden or integrated with conventional glazing, create fascinating impressions. There is also a wonderful range of colors and finishes to transform a building into an artistic masterpiece.

Other Advantages of Facades

Architects appreciate the flexibility of Danpal facades which makes them much easier to work with. The flush external of the concealed joints can warp and twist if necessary. Another feature is the system certification, which is compliant with ISO9001 and CSTB requirements. As the “R” values of roofing insulation have almost tripled in recent decades, Danpal facades play a role. That’s because the unique cell structure of the façade works with superior thermal insulation. At at a time when environmental responsibility is the universal goal, Danpal’s facades do their part to make the world a better place.

Cladding delivers insulation protection

Architecture can be a demanding field, requiring a nimble mastery of talents. An architect who excels in his or her field is one who understands the basic requirements of construction so that a building can emerge from the original design to a finished site. Architecture demands a knowledge of current building codes and federal regulations in order to comply with the legal standards governing the construction industry. The architect who knows the discipline also knows how to translate what the client wants into reality. Through all of this, an architect is a creator, taking building materials and colors and turning these components into a structure that accomplishes its purpose. All of this seems easy to understand, and it is. That is, until the first leak shows up and all of a sudden, the people inside the building are at the mercy of the elements which are supposed to remain outside the building. When that happens, the talented, knowledgeable, skilled, creative architect is going to wonder if he or she neglected to use the right cladding when choosing building materials.

CladdingKeeping Leaks Out With Danpal Cladding

No one wants a leak in the building. Leaks are messy to clean up; they’re a nuisance for the occupants of the building, whether it’s in the home or the workplace; and they have the potential to cause accidents, if someone would slip and fall. If the leak manages to compromise the insulation of the building, even greater damage is likely. Dry insulation is a must in order for the heating/cooling system to maintain peak energy efficiency. Even buildings in the very best of condition use a lot of energy—they’re responsible for 40% of energy consumption in developed countries—so you can imagine what happens if damaged insulation allows energy to escape. Quality cladding plays a very important role in making sure that your building’s insulation has the protection it needs to maintain efficient use of energy.

Why Danpal Cladding Provides the Best Protection

Danpal’s Ventilated Rainscreen System offers complete insulation protection thanks to the Danpalon panels. The double-notched, connector-bound sheets, made of microcell polycarbonate, provide impenetrable protection for a building’s insulation. The natural ventilation is the result of an air gap; the convective motion is what keeps the insulation dry and free from weather penetration. Dry insulation is like a vaccination against damage for a building; it prevents structural problems from developing and it also prevents the penetration of moisture, which can turn into mold and cause a variety of health concerns, particularly for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies.

Cladding and Creativity Make An Unbeatable Combo

Cladding clearly plays an important role in the life of a building. But for architects, it also has a cosmetic part to play. That’s because Danpal cladding, which comes in an impressive array of colors and designs, gives a building a creative identity. Add in the generous customization options—Danpal cladding can be customized up to the standard length of 12.0m—and you can understand why architects are so enthusiastic about our product.

Color is an amazing esthetic advantage, but Danpal doesn’t stop there. We’ve pioneered what’s known as daylight architecture, which means that natural light is easily added to a design that uses Danpal cladding. With cladding that protects your building’s interior from the invasion of moisture while enhancing the inside with the benefits of natural light, the finished result is both structurally supported and esthetically enhanced, for a result that’s sure to please.

Green Buildings by Danpal Support Sustainability

Today’s architect can no longer be content merely to design green buildings for clients. Architecture has become a crucial component in the goal to keep the planet healthy; the more we learn about our environment, the more we realize that everything we do has a consequence. In order to keep those consequences holistic, architects have taken on the responsibility of designing buildings that support sustainability. Buildings in the developed world, because they are so sophisticated and so technologically advanced, account for 40% of the primary energy usage in their countries. At the same time, building materials may account for a significant proportion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It might seem as though the goal to build in a manner that supports our environment might be too difficult. But Danpal has taken up the challenge and, by investing in the research and development that looks to the future, we are helping architects build for a better, greener world.

In order to bring all these factors into balance so that each newly designed and constructed building conforms to federal standards, architects have expanded their professional sense of responsibility. They’re doing their part, and that’s why, at Danpal, we’re doing our part to promote the construction of green buildings.


Danpal’s slogan is Global Vision, Local Focus. With that motto in mind, we’ve been able to focus upon the ways that the overall mission of our company impacts the daily lives of our customers. Danpal is widely respected in the building industry for the sustainable characteristics of our innovative projects all over the world. With a business presence on five continents, Danpal is firmly committed to the interconnected nature of our planet. That requires us to manufacture building materials that are both strong and sustainable: strong, because a building must be able to stand up to the adverse elements of nature; and sustainable because the life of a building extends through generations for whom Planet Earth is also their home.


A transformative revolution in architecture has taken place and Danpal is proud to be a part of it. As pioneers in the concept of daylight architecture, Danpal recognizes that one of the best ways to promote the environment and its benefits is to include it in our buildings. We are a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of daylight systems that have high thermal insulation and mechanical resistance. We have enabled architects to harness one of the planet’s most holistic resources—natural light—in a cost-effective manner that is environmentally responsible.


On-site labor hours are reduced thanks to Danpal’s popular ready-to-install systems for facades, cladding, roofing, skylights and shading applications. This feature is especially useful for installations in open environments or in conditions that are problematic. Saving time and saving money are always popular when they’re made possible by a company like Danpal, which is known for its high-quality products. Doing both in a manner that supports sustainability is the right thing to do for our planet.