Facades Are The Beautiful Way To Protect Buildings From Weather Damage

Danpal, a leader in the building industry with over half a century of experience, has always emphasized the importance of manufacturing high-quality products that deliver superior performance. Our commitment to the environment assures our clients that the materials we produce support their own ecological concerns. These are the factors which have established our company as a trailblazer in the field. But we also have a creative influence on the buildings that are designed by architects. That harmony of creativity and performance is exemplified by our facades. The façade of a building is both an esthetic and a functional component of the structure.

Matching A Façade To the Neighborhood

We provide many options for colors, textures, and finishes so that architects can have a wide variety of choices when deciding how the building will look. A building has a designated purpose for the occupants within; whether it’s a home or a workplace, the interior of the structure must be safe and comfortable for the people who spend time there. But a building also has its own neighborhood; how it looks on the exterior will play a part in the way it fits into the community. Is your building located in a part of the community where the architectural style is more traditional, or is it in an area that’s know for its modern look? The façade that you choose can blend with the style that’s best suited for the building’s location. Facades can enhance the outward appearance of a building so that it helps to create a positive impression.

FacadesFaçade Strength Keeps Weather Damage Away

Microcell technology is at the heart of the strength of a Danpal façade. The high-impact resistance capitalizes on microcell technology to enable a building to withstand the damage that hail can cause. The snap-lock connection system keeps water and air from invading the building and letting moisture thrive. There’s also co-extended UV protection with Danpal facades so that the power of the sun won’t cause harm to your building over time.

Facades And Esthetics

Daylight is one of the most attractive features that’s provided with Danpal facades. The glazing panel of the façade has tight spacing between the ribs so that the natural light from outside can be evenly diffused inside. Light also opens the possibilities for visual contrasts, as building elements, whether hidden or integrated with conventional glazing, create fascinating impressions. There is also a wonderful range of colors and finishes to transform a building into an artistic masterpiece.

Other Advantages of Facades

Architects appreciate the flexibility of Danpal facades which makes them much easier to work with. The flush external of the concealed joints can warp and twist if necessary. Another feature is the system certification, which is compliant with ISO9001 and CSTB requirements. As the “R” values of roofing insulation have almost tripled in recent decades, Danpal facades play a role. That’s because the unique cell structure of the façade works with superior thermal insulation. At at a time when environmental responsibility is the universal goal, Danpal’s facades do their part to make the world a better place.

Wall cladding that’s both efficient and esthetic

In order for a building to operate at a top level of efficiency, its various components need to be performing at their peak levels. For the occupants of a building, that efficiency tends to be based upon their own personal comfort. If a building is too warm or too cool, the occupants are likely to blame the heating and cooling systems. But the culprit may be something that is easily ignored when energy bills seems to be running higher than usual. If a building’s insulation is performing flawlessly, the heating and air conditioning systems should be able to run at a consistent temperature. If you’ve had to change the thermostat, the reason may be because your insulation has been compromised by a leak in the building that allows moisture to enter and energy to escape. Wall cladding is a building’s defense against leaks that cause harm to insulation.

Wall Cladding Excels At Keeping Weather Outside

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Weather is a natural phenomenon that has no business invading a building. But if rain or snow manages to penetrate a building’s exterior, moisture can develop and, all of a sudden, outdoor weather has managed to find a home in the interior. That quickly leads to problems that can start with a leak and, in a worst-case scenario, actually develop over time into structural collapse if the problem isn’t detected. The best way to avoid that threat is by choosing Danpal wall cladding.

Wall CladdingThe Formula For Wall Cladding Success

The great advantage of wall cladding is that it does so much for a building, both in terms of its protection against the elements and also in its appearance. Danpal’s wall cladding is comprised of connector-bound polycarbonate panels that employ microcell technology to provide optimum protection against weather penetration. Our exclusive double notching is key to keeping the building watertight and safe from penetration by moisture. The air gap’s natural ventilation operates with a convective motion that keeps insulation dry and energy running efficiently.

Danpal wall cladding, with its exclusive double notching, makes sure that watertightness is secure in order to prevent moisture from penetrating. Thanks to an air gap, the wall cladding’s natural ventilation has a convective motion that sustains its energy efficiency.

Color and light are two features of wall cladding that can turn a building into a structural portrait of beauty. Architects love the variety of options that Danpal offers in our wall cladding because it lets the building perform its required function for the occupants who are within, while creating a dazzling display of beauty for those who are looking at the building from the outside.

How Danpal Makes a Quality Difference in Building Material Choices

Three decades as a leader in the building industry have shown Danpal that the key to success is to deliver what the customer wants and needs. Our efforts to stay on top of the latest technology and trends have paid off, thanks to our investment in research and development. We’re committed to the mission of Global Vision, Local Focus, so that we are attuned to the components of construction that appeal to customers; at the same time, we never lose sight of the fact that our biggest customer is the planet. Everything that we do is designed to maintain the highest standards of efficient energy usage.

Satisfied customers, from the people who buy our products to Planet Earth, keep Danpal in the lead in the building industry.

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