Buildings. In many instances, it’s a case of “seen one, seen them all.” But Danpal believes that buildings can be more than just one-size-fits-all structures that fulfill a functional purpose. A building can also look great while it’s fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed and built. That’s why Danpal facades are so popular with architects. Our facades offer a variety of ways for a building to show off and become something more than just another structure. We provide colors, textures, and finishes that turn an ordinary building into a functioning work of art. You’ll be amazed at the options that you’ll find when you explore the world of Danpal facades.


You may not be considering beauty as a standard feature of a building, but after you’ve seen the difference that facades can deliver, you’ll be excited about the choices you can make. A building can take on different dimensions merely by the selections you make for your façade. Do you want to add depth to the perspective? You can do that by layering different shades of color. We offer feature lighting, brick stacks, and columns so that you can give your building a dazzling appearance. Seeking a bold, eye-catching image? Try alternating dark and light colors. With Danpal facades, beauty is an option that you won’t want to do without.


Even while looking gorgeous, a Danpal façade is hard at work making sure that weather doesn’t ruin the building. No matter where you live, there’s a weather manifestation that can be particularly harmful. In some parts of the world, winter is a season to dread because it brings snow, cold temperatures and wind. Other places have rainy seasons that deliver torrential downpours. All regions of the globe have weather, and they all have buildings. That’s why Danpal has designed facades that are able to protect a building’s interior from weather worries.

Some of the problems that weather causes are immediately noticed. But others, like the mold that can develop if insulation gets wet, may not be detected as quickly until they’ve already created a problem. In houses or workplaces where insulation is compromised by moisture that penetrated a building’s exterior, the occupants may find themselves suffering from health issues. This is particularly true for people who already have respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies. When that happens, the building in which these people live and work is actually making them sick. A façade by Danpal is a great way to keep your building and the people inside it healthier.


We’ve dedicated our decades of experience to devising products that are strong enough to stand up to weather. Microcell technology is the secret to the strength of our facades. Our thermal insulation prevents energy from escaping. The result? Your heating and cooling remain at consistent temperatures all the year around. Hail can’t get past our snap-lock connection systems. With our double-click locking seams, a building can count on security and high-load resistance. That’s Danpal innovation in action!