Cladding is the perfect wardrobe for your building

If you could buy clothes for your building, how would you dress it? You’d want to make sure it had a raincoat and an umbrella to protect it when the rains come. But you’d also need to give it a warm, heavy outer covering so that it was shielded from the snow and winds. Buildings don’t all come in the same size, so you’d have to make sure that the coverings you chose were the right fit. Even though your primary purpose is to protect your building from the damage that weather can do, you’d still want the structure to look attractive.

Buildings don’t wear garments, of course, so there’s no wardrobe that you can choose to protect a structure against weather. But there is cladding, which is the all-season protection that you’re looking for so that weather doesn’t invade your building’s interior. Danpal claddings are light in weight and customizable so that they’re easy to work with and to install. They’re 100% waterproof. They’re environmentally friendly, a major concern in today’s ecologically-minded consumer market. A variety of colors ensures that your building will have a commanding appearance to those outside the building while you’re cozy and comfortable inside. Danpal cladding is what the best-dressed buildings are wearing to protect against weather.


Danpal innovation has created cladding that delivers a superior performance when it comes to ease of installation, weather protection, insulation maintenance and appearance. The Danpal system has an air gap which provides natural ventilation. Behind the cladding, a convective motion keeps the insulation dry. Wet weather stays outside because the system’s exclusive double notching. Inside, the occupants are comfortable and content because the energy works efficiently to provide heat in the cold months and cooling in the hot months and freedom from dampness all year around. The strength of the microcell technology polycarbonate panels benefits from the fact that our panels are three times lighter than traditional rain screen cladding. Connections can be made directly onto the support which eliminates the need for any additional supporting framed structures.


Performance is important for cladding. So is appearance. For an architect, something that could be a challenging decision to make ends up being very easy, thanks to Danpal’s Ventilated RainScreen System (VRS). That’s because VRS, another high-quality Danpal system, can be counted on to stand firm when weather attacks. VRS can stand up to the harshest winter weather, the wettest rains, and the coldest winds. Architects count on the way that Danpal’s VRS, like all Danpal products, conforms to the latest federal regulations for buildings. Danpal performance for cladding is matched by the esthetic choices that an architect has when deciding what colors, textures and finishes to use for cladding that pleases the eye.

With cladding by Danpal, a building that looks great from the outside is also dry and comfortable inside. That’s the perfect balance between performance and appearance.

Cladding and Climate and Insulation

Design a building. Build the building. Enjoy the building. Many people may think that these steps indicate the life cycle of a structure, but architects know that the process isn’t nearly that straightforward. The design for a building begins with a keen awareness of what the building’s purpose will be, where the building is located, and an understanding of the climate in that region. After the building is completed and the occupants have moved in, the success of the next phase hinges on whether or not the structure has what it takes to resist the threats of weather, particularly rain and snow and how they will impact the insulation of a building. This is cause for worry for many building owners, but not for those whose designs were completed with Danpal cladding. For them, the insulation is secure and the moisture can’t enter, so the building is on its way to a long life.


Danpal’s business presence extends to five continents, which is part of the reason why we take our global responsibilities so seriously. But at the same time, we know that concentrating our innovation locally makes our company stronger and more responsive to all the building needs in the industry. Cladding needs to be strong so that it can prevent leakages from invading the interior of a building. Climate and cladding are closely interwoven; cladding can’t change the amount of precipitation that falls in any given area, but it can prevent that precipitation from causing damage to the structure. Danpal cladding has an inner sheet, an outer panel, and a ventilated cavity; between the building’s exterior and the cladding is a gap that supplies a consistent stream of air to block the penetration of moisture.


In most of the world’s International Energy Agency (IEA) counties, buildings account for nearly 40% of the primary energy usage in the individual nations. That high number shows that, as nations advance, they use more energy. How, then, can energy usage be controlled so that there’s no waste? Cladding plays into that formula because if the cladding is working as it’s designed, insulation stays dry and energy isn’t escaping. A consistent temperature is maintained internally.


The most effective cladding on the market is the Danpal Ventilated Rainscreen System or VRS, which employs Danpalon® panels to keep insulation free from moisture. The convective motion behind the panels is what keeps the insulation dry. The standard panel length is 12.0m, but if you need longer lengths of panels, just let Danpal know and we’ll be happy to customize. Our system is 100% watertight and easy to install, so customization is no problem.
In a way, customization is the key to Danpal’s success in meeting the needs of our clients. We design building materials with the client in mind. You’ll appreciate the work that goes into our products when you see for yourself what a difference Danpal cladding makes in the long-term life of your building.

The Beauty and Performance of Danpal Cladding

Beauty that’s built to last. That’s one way of describing Danpal’s cladding. Or we could say that cladding, which functions for a building in the way that skin does to our bodies, is as attractive to look at as it is impressive in performance. Ultimately, of course, what we say doesn’t matter nearly as much as what cladding does. That’s where the survival of a building and its ability to be protected against the far-reaching, harmful effects of moisture come into focus. Danpal cladding shields buildings from those harmful effects. The Danpal reputation has proven that our high standards have developed and manufactured products that surpass industry standards and maintain an esthetic look that sets an impressive standard for visual appearance.

Danpal Cladding Keeps Moisture Away

Because it’s connector bound and made of microcell polycarbonate panels, our cladding is both light and solid. Strong enough to withstand the fiercest weather that nature can deliver, polycarbonate is three times lighter than other similar products on the market. Designing a building that’s able to stand up to the elements means choosing products that will give that undisputed edge in the weather wars. As we all know, weather has the power to do a great deal of damage, but it’s not always apparent where the trouble comes from. Much of the time, we’re spectators to weather’s fury, watching from behind windows as the rain pours down from the sky or the snow falls upon the ground. We hear the wind howl and the noise that hail makes as it strikes. But what we may not see, if the insulation of a building is no longer performing up to its optimum level, is the gradual erosion that moisture can cause within a structure.

CladdingDanpal cladding protects insulations so that moisture can’t invade. Our Ventilated Rainscreen System meets all of the regulations that are in effect to ensure that a building’s insulation conforms to federal codes. It also does a superior job of protecting that insulation. No wonder it’s one of our most popular products. The double notching delivers a level of watertightness that’s 100% impermeable so that moisture doesn’t get a chance to penetrate, even under the worst weather conditions.

Danpal Cladding Meets Esthetic Standards

It’s a relief to know that Danpal cladding is going to protect the interior of your building so that it isn’t compromised by moisture. When a building is as beautiful as it’s going to be with Danpal cladding, you’ll want it to be standing for a long, long time.

Danpal offers a wide variety of options so that your building can present an image that will be spellbinding. Color gives a building an amazing versatility, but color isn’t the only feature that you’ll find at Danpal. Would you like your building to sparkle? Danpal can make it happen. Your building can be surrounded by light and reflections, or it can be opaque; it can be bright and shiny. You won’t believe the many different choices that await you!