Cladding is the perfect wardrobe for your building


If you could buy clothes for your building, how would you dress it? You’d want to make sure it had a raincoat and an umbrella to protect it when the rains come. But you’d also need to give it a warm, heavy outer covering so that it was shielded from the snow and winds. Buildings don’t all come in the same size, so you’d have to make sure that the coverings you chose were the right fit. Even though your primary purpose is to protect your building from the damage that weather can do, you’d still want the structure to look attractive.

Buildings don’t wear garments, of course, so there’s no wardrobe that you can choose to protect a structure against weather. But there is cladding, which is the all-season protection that you’re looking for so that weather doesn’t invade your building’s interior. Danpal claddings are light in weight and customizable so that they’re easy to work with and to install. They’re 100% waterproof. They’re environmentally friendly, a major concern in today’s ecologically-minded consumer market. A variety of colors ensures that your building will have a commanding appearance to those outside the building while you’re cozy and comfortable inside. Danpal cladding is what the best-dressed buildings are wearing to protect against weather.


Danpal innovation has created cladding that delivers a superior performance when it comes to ease of installation, weather protection, insulation maintenance and appearance. The Danpal system has an air gap which provides natural ventilation. Behind the cladding, a convective motion keeps the insulation dry. Wet weather stays outside because the system’s exclusive double notching. Inside, the occupants are comfortable and content because the energy works efficiently to provide heat in the cold months and cooling in the hot months and freedom from dampness all year around. The strength of the microcell technology polycarbonate panels benefits from the fact that our panels are three times lighter than traditional rain screen cladding. Connections can be made directly onto the support which eliminates the need for any additional supporting framed structures.


Performance is important for cladding. So is appearance. For an architect, something that could be a challenging decision to make ends up being very easy, thanks to Danpal’s Ventilated RainScreen System (VRS). That’s because VRS, another high-quality Danpal system, can be counted on to stand firm when weather attacks. VRS can stand up to the harshest winter weather, the wettest rains, and the coldest winds. Architects count on the way that Danpal’s VRS, like all Danpal products, conforms to the latest federal regulations for buildings. Danpal performance for cladding is matched by the esthetic choices that an architect has when deciding what colors, textures and finishes to use for cladding that pleases the eye.

With cladding by Danpal, a building that looks great from the outside is also dry and comfortable inside. That’s the perfect balance between performance and appearance.