Transform Your Building with Danpal’s VRS Cladding Solution

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Many CBD’s are in desperate need of revitalization as a result of the urban decay that has crept in over the years. To combat this, programs of Urban Renewal have forged ahead. A large part of this process is the complete face-lifting of existing buildings with the use of external wall cladding materials. Danpal has recognized this fact and has developed its own cladding system called, VRS or Ventilated Rainscreen System.

Danpal VRS Cladding System

The Danpal VRS cladding system is an advanced, comprehensive solution that not only face-lifts a building but also provides full protection against the harsh environment. Our weather-proof cladding system has been specifically developed to allow for the natural circulation of air, via an updraft effect created between the existing wall and our Danpalon panel cladding material.

This free movement of air, along with the use of our multicell Danpalon panels, is a key element in thermally insulating the existing building. By this unique process, our VRS external wall cladding system, is able to assist in modulating the temperature of the structure. Ultimately by doing so, contributing to the reduction of the monthly running costs of any existing HVAC systems.


When compared to other types of cladding materials, it is clear, that our Danpal VRS cladding solution has several important attributes which give it the edge over the competition. The following are some of these key factors, shown to be superior to traditional cladding systems. Danpal VRS is 100% weather-proof, is up to 10 x lighter, has no visible fixations, is quicker to install and is offered in a multitude of colours and finishes.

Benefits derived from the use of  Danpal Cladding Solution

Beyond all these clear benefits derived from the use of our Danpal VRS cladding solution. Safety is paramount and must be a top priority when considering the choice of wall cladding material. Our Danpalon panel-based system has been Fire-rated as class B-s3, D0. This means that in the event of a fire, our VRS Danpalon panels will not spread the flame, nor will the cladding produce any hazardous smoke or give off dangerous particulates.

Danpal’s VRS offers the completely unique aesthetic appeal of our Danpalon multicell panels, high-end performance, a 25 year lifespan and inherently built-in safety factors. Danpal’s VRS cladding has you covered on all aspects that should be considered vital, when choosing an external wall cladding solution for your building.

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