A Building Façade Always Creates the First Impression

building façade

The first thing anyone notices when approaching a building, is its façade. A building façade offers the architect a prime opportunity to create a distinct design concept for the entire structure. Architects devote countless man-hours in the concept and design of their new project’s façade. This architectural feature tends to dominate and project the building’s true nature. It is no wonder then, that so much time and effort is placed in the selection of the right materials and building envelope system to fulfil this role.

Over the course of modern architecture, the building envelope has tended towards the use of various translucent glazing materials. The driving force behind this trend, has largely been to create dynamic open interiors spaces, where natural daylight can be used to its maximum effect. The introduction of all this natural light, however, comes with its own set of performance-related challenges.

Danpal Façade Systems

This is where Danpal’s range of façade systems really come into their own! Over the course of the last 50 years, Danpal has pioneered a select range of solutions for the building façade. These systems are based on the translucent Danpalon microcell panel, which was originally developed as a practical solution for balancing thermal and solar performance. In particular, Danpal has 3 distinct building façade systems, each developed for specific aesthetic and performance requirements. The Danpal traditional single glazed Façade System, has been the start of an evolution in façade solutions, pioneered by Danpal, which has led to the development of both the Danpatherm and Controlite systems.

Building Façade Solutions

With these building façade solutions, it is now possible to have a curtain-wall type translucent building façade that is lightweight, weatherproof, offers solar control, thermal balance and has aesthetic appeal. Danpal’s Danpatherm system, is based on an industry-unique double wall unitized cassette structure, delivering exceptional U-Value performance. Another advantage our Danpatherm offers is the ability to have all the cassettes manufactured off-site at our production facilities and delivered completely ready to install. This removes any potential errors or damage to the unitized cassettes, resulting from on-site fabrication.

In comparison, the Danpal Controlite system was developed to adapt to a wide range of solar conditions, automatically adjusting the amount of incoming daylight, to that of a set LUX level. This unique feature can be an invaluable tool for the architectural team, when considering necessary solutions for areas of the building façade, which receives most of the incoming solar radiation. The orientation of buildings is a critical factor which is taken into consideration, so as to maximise natural daylight. This uncontrolled light and heat often leads to the retrofitting of external louvres or blinds to the affected façade. In our opinion this is an incomplete solution, as not only are the building’s aesthetics compromised, but so is the quality of the incoming natural daylight entering the building.

Danpal’s original single glazed Traditional Façade system, is provided in 3 distinct faming options. Our traditional TP system is the most basic and offers an economical solution for facades where there is already a sub-frame in place. This flexible lightweight system is easy to install and delivers all the weather-proof, solar and thermal balance properties which our Danpalon microcell panels are renowned for. The next option up, is our Advanced NM system, which builds on the TP system, by adding an integrated sub-frame to the system. This opens up design options for the building façade, and has the added ability to span much longer distances. Lastly, our most advanced single glazed façade system, utilizes the Thermal Advanced AIRPT framing system. This frame has the addition of a built in sub-sill, as well as the inclusion of a thermal break, which further increases the system’s ability to resist unwanted thermal conductivity.

Green Building Status

With the increasing demands on our modern buildings from SANS regulations and further aspirations toward attaining Green Building status, the choice of building envelope system, is critical. Danpal has answered the call, and our range of solutions, developed specifically for the building façade, delivers. We deliver on the promise of thermal and solar balance, complete weather protection and modern aesthetics. All of these attributes are provided by lightweight façade systems, backed by Danpal’s international warranty. Our turn-key solutions have you covered from design, right through to installation. Make your buildings first impression count, and rely on our range of Danpal building façade solutions, to make a statement that lasts.

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