Wall cladding won’t let moisture damage insulation

Wall cladding

Maybe you’re planning to move to a warmer climate so that you can escape the winter cold. Or maybe you’re already living somewhere where the sunshine is a daily presence, and you miss the seasons. Maybe you’ve been transferred to a new location and you’re researching the area so that you know what to expect. As you make your moving plans, have you considered that no matter where you go, there will be some kind of weather that you’re going to encounter? No matter where you’re going to live and work, the weather is waiting for you.

Weather is a factor for human beings, but it’s also an important consideration for architects who design the buildings in which we spend our days. Whether it’s the rain or the snow, the wind or the rain, the weather demands respect, just as buildings require protection so that they can withstand the elements. That’s why, at Danpal, we tout the advantages of our wall cladding. It’s an excellent way to show weather that no matter what it brings, your building isn’t going to surrender to it.


Architectural design is more than just planning a building. It’s creating a place where people will live and work and spend a significant portion of their active lives. In order for the investment to be worthwhile, a building should be constructed out of high-quality materials that will last a long time.

The economics of construction is a major aspect of design, but along with the cost of the building itself, it’s vital that the long-term life span of the building is assessed. If you build with quality materials, using a reputable company like Danpal for your project, you can count on a satisfying return on your investment. Don’t disregard the way that weather can undermine all the work and cost that have gone into the building. Using wall cladding that is designed to protect your structure will enable your building to provide superior performance over the years.


So much planning goes into the design of a building that it would be easy to forget one of the most important details and that’s making sure that the insulation is protected. If insulation absorbs moisture, your building is facing a series of problems that can begin with leakages and higher heating and cooling costs resulting from wasted energy, and possibly end with structural stress or even building collapse.

And that’s just what can happen to the building itself. But damp insulation eventually leads to the growth of mold, which has a negative effect upon the occupants of the building, as mold leads to respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.


Danpal wall cladding has the exclusive double notching that keeps everything watertight. Moisture caused by rain and snow can’t penetrate and, because of the air gap in the cladding, energy efficiency is maintained through the natural ventilation of the convective motion. Wall cladding saves you money because it protects your insulation, and it supports better health for the building occupants because it helps to keep insulation dry.