Green Buildings Go Global

green buildings

As more and more countries commit their resources to sustainable practices, architects are spearheading the quest to design and build more green buildings. There has never been a time like this, when concern for the environment has sparked a global consensus that almost every aspect of our lives has an impact upon the planet. In some ways, this ecological consciousness is merely the logical extension of the philosophy that a building ought to fit into its structural environment. Architects have an innate sense of where buildings belong and how they can best blend with their landscape. Now that we are engaged in a sustainable way of life, our determination to build more green buildings is a thriving mindset for today’s society.

Danpal’s Natural Light Environments Make Green Buildings Greener

For most of the time that humans have occupied the planet, people built structures that depended upon artificial forms of light. Whatever form of light our most ancient ancestors could use provided minimal illumination. When electricity became the standard means of lighting, it was a great advance: people could see much better without straining their eyes. But artificial lighting, despite its advantages, has drawbacks. It was when Danpal began pioneering the concept of daylighting architecture that the building industry advanced to the point where humanity’s first form of illumination—the sun—could be harnessed to provide natural light indoors. Now, people who live and work in buildings where natural light is incorporated into the design can benefit from this remarkable innovation. People who spend more time in natural light have greater productivity, a more optimistic frame of mind, and a better mood. Green buildings which make use of natural daylight environments are on the cutting edge of a dynamic advance in holistic architecture.

green buildingsGreen Buildings Save Us Money

As we make more effort to match our practices with the needs of the planet, we are making a pleasant discovery: sustainability lets us save money in the long run. Our daylighting architecture actually requires minimal maintenance. With the control that it provides over the amount of energy that we consume, we benefit from a substantial life cycle cost savings. Danpal is known for the ready-to-install systems that we’ve developed and these too, reduce the amount of on-site labor time that is needed to put a Danpal system into place.

Green Buildings Across The Globe

From London to Copenhagen to Hanoi, countries are investing in green buildings. For Denmark, it was the opportunity to turn a portion of a waste treatment facility into a ski slope. In Hanoi, a new urban district is being created that will benefit 20,000 people by harnessing the wind and the sun to support comfortable living conditions. There will be a linear green corridor incorporating low-rise, pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhoods. In London, the tallest building in the city will feature a transparent atrium space that will be accessible from all directions at street level. The atrium’s landscaped interior will be opened toward the southern sun so that pedestrians will enjoy a relaxing oasis in the midst of urban space.

Green buildings are an exciting advance in architecture that brings us into a future filled with sustainable possibilities!