Danpal Transportation Solutions

Danpal transportation solutions

Danpal Transportation Solutions

The building enjoys higher load resistance as a result of the high security offered by the double “click” locking seam. With the top quality of its co-extended UV protection, the facade materials deliver longer life. This is because Danpal knows a lot about the difference that quality products make in the life span of a building.
DANPAL’s strength is in our ability to produce extremely lightweight building envelope systems that are class-leading in both thermal and solar performance. This light-weight feature makes them easier to work with and to install. When a process is easier and simpler to accomplish, the end result means less money spent and less inconvenience experienced.
Translucent & Natural Light
The translucent feature of Danpal’s solution can assist in protecting people from harmful UV rays. They also ensure maximum thermal conduction. Individuals who use them will notice a reduction in energy bills because they use the sun’s natural light to heat and illuminate buildings.
Quick and easy installation
Danpal systems with a variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminum – providing engineering and design flexibility. Panels can be partially removed and replaced without affecting the building envelope. And these quick and easy features reduce labor costs and construction times.


Danpal Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solution - Danpal Facade SystemIt is a semi-transparent dry assembly system that can be applied according to various environmental settings. Compared to glass, it is a material that is flexible, has excellent transparency, and can express excellent color. The system delivers the perfect balance of light and thermal dynamics for any translucent facade.

Industrial Solution - Danpal Roofing SystemAvailable in design and suitable for a variety of structures. The system is made of polycarbonate panels and includes connectors that can be easily inserted and assembled without the need for separate assembly work, making it suitable for various weather conditions and has high impact resistance.


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