Polycarbonate Sheets: Strong, Flexible, Better Than Glass

polycarbonate sheets

We’ve always heard that opposites attract, but this isn’t a phrase that we typically use when we’re discussing building materials. However, polycarbonate sheets are a building material that is gaining popularity in the industry because polycarbonate is a product that is made up of opposites. It’s strong but it’s light in weight. It resembles glass, but it’s flexible. With these opposites attracting the way they do, the end result is a product that is so amazingly versatile that it gives architects a dynamic new option for creating customizable structures designed to please. If you’re not convinced that something so easy to work with could possibly be so strong, we’re going to prove it to you.

What Is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a building material that’s incredibly strong and, at the same time, flexible so that it’s easy to work with. Can you imagine a product that resembles glass and yet is unbreakable? That’s polycarbonate. Polycarbonate sheets come in two different forms. It’s the solid polycarbonate, which is a clear flat sheeting, that resembles glass. Multiwall polycarbonate is a structure sheet made of hollow air chambers. Whichever one you choose, you’re getting unbeatable strength.

polycarbonate sheetsPolycarbonate Sheets Deliver Flexibility

When a product is flexible, it’s much easier to work with. Ease of installation pleases architects because it means that the process can take place in less time with more efficiency. Less disruption of schedules pleases clients; workers can continue with their tasks without a great deal of disruption while the installation is taking place.

How Strong Are Polycarbonate Sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are very, very strong. Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass and much easier to work with. Polycarbonate has been hardened to withstand very high levels of resistance, which helps to explain why it’s the ideal material for defending a building against the ravages of weather. Weather has a lot that it can throw against a building, but polycarbonate sheets pose a pretty strong defense against the forces of rainstorms, snowfall, hail and high winds.

Danpal’s Ventilated Rain System Has The Edge In Weather Protection

Polycarbonate’s ability to keep moisture from penetrating the interior of a building is the reason why it delivers such an impressive performance against weather. The polycarbonate sheets of the Danpal Ventilated Rainscreen System insulate a building on the inside so that the weather going on outside the building can’t get through. The air gap in the panels allows natural ventilation to keep insulation effective by preventing it from getting wet.

Glass Can’t Compare To Polycarbonate Sheets

If you need more proof that polycarbonate sheets are the building material that is superior to glass, just consider some of the products that are made of polycarbonate. Products like security screens, windshields, farming machinery and moving machinery parts all need to be flexible in order to work. Polycarbonate is flexible. But these products also must be strong. Polycarbonate is strong. As you can see, polycarbonate sheets are proof that opposites attract.