Polycarbonate sheets make building stronger

polycarbonate sheets

No one disputes the need for strength in our building materials. A building is intended to last for generations. While repairs to a structure are an expected part of maintenance, a building should be strong enough to withstand the effects of weather. But standards for strength have evolved as innovative research has discovered newer and better materials. Danpal, always at the forefront of the most cutting-edge products manufactured, has made the use of polycarbonate sheets a primary component in our efforts to build better.


In recent years, the weather has become more extreme. We’ve witnessed terrible storms throughout the seasons as blizzards, rainstorms, and other manifestations of nature seem to behave as if they’re in a contest to overpower the landscape. Buildings must be constructed out of materials that give them the stamina that they must have in order to outlast the furies of nature. Every season seems to bring its own special form of nature’s wrath and all over the world, people are experiencing weather that’s unlike anything they’ve known before. That’s why polycarbonate sheets have become so popular. Polycarbonate is light and easy to work with, while at the same time displaying a phenomenal strength. In fact, polycarbonate sheets, although only half as heavy as glass, are two hundred times stronger. As the weather has become more powerful, buildings are now stronger thanks to polycarbonate sheets.


Building materials that are equipped with versatility can offer more to architects and clients. Polycarbonate sheets are available in two different forms. You might choose solid polycarbonate, which resembles glass in its clear, flat sheeting form. Although solid polycarbonate looks like glass, it has far superior strength. Or you might choose multiwall polycarbonate, a structured sheet which has hollow air chambers. Whichever one you select, you can be confident that you’ll benefit from the same reliable polycarbonate strength.


You’ve heard a lot about the strength of polycarbonate sheets, but you may not realize why that strength is so important. Buildings are very vulnerable to the forces of weather.

Keeping insulation dry is one of the most important ways to protect a building. Damp moisture can lead to problems that begin with leaks and a loss of energy and can turn into structural stress and, ultimately, the possibility of building collapse. The damage isn’t merely confined to the building. Damp insulation creates an atmosphere in which mold thrives and once mold has found a home, it doesn’t want to leave. It leads to health problems for the occupants of a building, and if there’s someone who has asthma or allergies, they’ll feel the effects of mold very quickly. You don’t want to live or work in a building that adversely affects your health. Damp insulation also leads to financial issues because you’re paying for energy that you aren’t using. It’s escaping outside and that’s bad for the environment. Dry insulation is the formula for a healthy building and healthy people.