Polycarbonate Sheets Beat Glass

Polycarbonate Sheetss

Times and trends change, and the building industry changes right along with them. But some things never change. When you’re designing a building, you want the structure to maintain its function and strength for a very long time. Technology and Danpal’s research have brought about impressive advances in the building industry. If you’re looking for a building product that surpasses everything else in strength, you’re looking for polycarbonate sheets. But their superior performance doesn’t just include strength. They also help to keep a building well-insulated, resistant to weather, and attractive in appearance. Polycarbonate has transformed the building industry and you’ll be dazzled by what it can do for your structure.

Polycarbonate Sheets Beat the Competition

Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass, yet it’s so flexible to work with that it makes customizing easy. It’s virtually unbreakable and has been hardened to withstand impressively high levels of resistance, unlike glass, which, as we all know, is prone to breakage. There was a time when glass was one of the most popular building products, but that was before polycarbonate, with its strength, versatility and ease of installation, came along.

Polycarbonate SheetsGlass also lacks the flexibility of polycarbonate sheets. It’s not as easy to install and it can’t be customized the way that polycarbonate sheets can. Architects who want the freedom to use a building product that adapts to their design enjoy working with polycarbonate.

You have two different options when choosing polycarbonate sheets. Solid polycarbonate, a flat, clear sheeting, resembles glass. Of course, since it’s polycarbonate, it may look like glass but doesn’t have the inherent weaknesses of glass. Multiwall polycarbonate is a structured sheet that has hollow air chambers. It doesn’t matter which version you select because both are equally strong and high in quality.

Insulation Protection in Action with Polycarbonate Sheets

Danpal’s Ventilated Rainscreen System has earned a reputation for being able to shield a building from the damage that weather can do. Polycarbonate sheets are the reason for the spectacular performance of VRS because of the way they insulate a building’s interior from rain, snow, and hail, which can cause terrible damage to a structure. VRS, with its weather-resistant exterior, has natural ventilation, thanks to an air gap, so that insulation stays dry. Dry insulation is vital for a building’s long-term life.

Polycarbonate Sheets Enhance Energy Efficiency

Household budgets are designed to pay bills. But if your insulation isn’t working properly, you’re going to have to budget for the cost of wasted energy. That’s because energy is escaping from the inside of your building and you’re paying for energy that you aren’t using. Buildings are already responsible for 40% of primary energy consumption in the world’s developed countries. The goal for industrial societies is to safeguard our planet by being aware of our energy usage. By building with polycarbonate sheets, you can keep energy usage under control so that household budgets reflect what’s actually used, and not what’s unintentionally wasted because of compromised insulation.