Not just another pretty facade

Neighborhoods and commercial districts all have unique identities that take their image from the buildings that are located there. People come and go but the structures remain, instilling an identity in the landscape that adds to the character of the area. Buildings are designed and constructed according to architectural plans based upon certain styles and functions, but there’s a way for a structure to add to its appearance beyond its original design and that’s through facades. Facades, which offer choices of colors, finishes, and textures that deepen the esthetic appearance of a building, are a popular option for architects who want their creative work to impart an extra level of imagination.


Architects enjoy the opportunity to let a building take on an artistic presence as if it were a work of art with people inside. If you’ve ever seen a façade which alternates dark and light colors, you know how vividly this impression catches the eye. Adding depth to the perspective of a building is easily accomplished by layering different shades of a particular color. Other ways to add pizazz to a building are to incorporate columns or brick stacks or feature lighting. Danpal has so many variations on the theme of color that it will be a challenge to choose from all the selections that are available.


Danpal facades bring beauty but they also help to resist weather. The facades are made of microcell technology which provides strength. The façade’s thermal insulation prevents energy from being wasted by escaping out of the building. The double-click locking seams provide high-load resistance and security. The structural function of the façade is as much a part of its purpose as is its attractive appearance. All of these features are designed to keep your building strong no matter what the weather is doing outside.


A Danpal facace, with this microcell technology and double-click locking seams, is well-equipped to handle the harsh elements that weather brings. The world outside your windows might look as if a flood of rain is coming from the skies. You might open the door to a landscape that’s covered in white from heavy snowfall. You might hear the wind howling outside, or hail striking the building. But the building itself is shielded by the power of the façade’s defensive barrier that allows you to stay snug and warm inside.


We’ve all heard a lot about the dangers of mold and how it can cause serious harm for people with respiratory problems. If you work in a building or live in a home that has a mold problem, you may have noticed that allergies and asthma are worse. That’s because mold is born in damp places where moisture has attacked insulation. Once the insulation is no longer dry, it becomes a breeding ground for mold that quickly spreads.

A Danpal façade can make a world of difference in the health and wellbeing of your building and the people inside it.