Green buildings can count on Danpal

green buildings

The way Danpal sees it, the planet is our neighborhood and just as we look after our communities, we also need to do what’s necessary to treat our environment with care. One way that we can support sustainable lifestyles every day is with green buildings. By doing this, we create a holistic bond between ourselves and nature.

Green buildings are one of the most effective ways of ensuring the long-term viability of Planet Earth, a vital mission for our society. Danpal is so dedicated to strengthening the connections between the natural world and the man-made world that we’ve pioneered the practice of daylighting architecture, which incorporates natural light into our buildings. Our systems are highly regarded for their high insulation properties and their mechanical resistance.

Danpal is a partner with both the Agency for Economic Development and Energy Control (ADEME) and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Danpal is so committed to the concept of sustainability that maintenance of our products just requires the freshwater used for pressure washing and minimal detergent or soap. Green buildings can count on DanPal for the most innovative, environmentally friendly building materials on the market.

green buildingsAs an international company with a presence on other continents, we understand the connectional nature of our regions better than other companies with a more limited market. Developing building materials which support green buildings while maintaining the Danpal standard of excellence reflects our experience with the climate and weather patterns of different regions.

We design with the future in mind so that our structures will still be standing for generations to come. Creating products today that will take us safely and responsibly into tomorrow is a smart business practice that reinforces our Global Vision, Local Focus motto.

Planet Earth has been good to us. Green buildings are an important way that we can return the favor.


We tend to think of sustainability in terms of products. But our lifestyles are also a sustainability issue. Danpal doesn’t lose sight of the fact that labor is also an environmental concern. Just as shoppers are encouraged to “buy local” so that they are purchasing products that needed less transportation time to reach the market, Danpal’s façade, cladding, skylight, roofing and shading systems are manufactured so that they arrive at the site ready for installation.

Reducing on-site labor hours is an enormous time-saver for clients and it’s also popular for building sites that are located in open environments or under conditions which could be problematic.


Green building living has completely transformed the way we live and work. We strive to use products that promote the conservation of resources that are nonrenewable. This philosophy encourages all of us to lessen the impact on the environment that comes with the extraction, transportation, fabrication, processing, installation, and disposal of building materials. When we re-use and recycle, we advocate habits that make us responsible stewards of our planet.