Green Buildings For A Blue Planet

Green Buildings

Going Green on Planet Earth

The twenty-first century has seen a remarkable revolution in color: our blue planet has turned a whole lot greener over the recent decades. The fight to keep our air and water cleaner, our energy use efficient, and our living habits sustainable has completely changed our outlook on everything from the bags we use to do our grocery shopping (reusable rather than plastic) to the foods that we purchase (locally grown). Is it any wonder that, as we’ve altered where we shop and how we eat and what we drive, our buildings would also reflect the new standards in sustainability?

Why Green Buildings Make a Better Planet

Every year, during typical building and construction activities, three billion tons of raw materials are consumed. That’s a good reason for all of us in the industry, as well as the consumers who are buying homes and buildings, to do our utmost to see that our construction is holistic rather than harmful. We’re at a benevolent place in our society where we now expect our buildings to meet the same standards that we’ve set for ourselves. With building standards that support the needs of the environment, we are reaching a healthy balance. Green buildings provide reduced maintenance costs, support energy conservation, offer an enhanced design flexibility, and deliver a healthier workspace and living space for the people inside.

Selection Criteria for Green Building Materials
Resource efficiency means using:

Recycled content
Natural and renewable materials
Products manufactured with resource-efficient processes
Materials and components that are locally available, refurbished, or salvaged
Package materials that are recyclable or reusable

Indoor Air Quality (IAO) is enhanced by using materials that:Emit few or no carcinogens

Are installed with minimal VOC-producing components
Are moisture-resistant
Enhance air quality
Promote water conservation
Are affordable

Green BuildingsThe Results of Creating Green Buildings

Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life. Green building practices have adopted this philosophy by employing various strategies that relate to the design, construction, and operation of building products. By using green building materials and products, we promote the conservation of nonrenewable resources that are currently dwindling. The green building philosophy helps to reduce the environmental impact that’s associated with the extraction, transportation, processing, fabrication, installation, re-using, recycling, and disposal of building materials.

How Danpal Promotes Green Buildings

Danpal has dedicated itself to the preservation of the planet through its emphasis on developing products that are meet demanding standards of quality and sustainability. Through its leadership in daylight architecture, Danpal has become a global leader in the design and manufacture of daylight systems that exhibit high thermal insulation properties and mechanical resistance. Our company can harness natural resources in a manner that is both cost effective and environmentally responsible. Danpal has partnered with the Agency for Economic Development and Energy Control (ADEME) and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). All Danpal products, which are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, require simple maintenance using high pressure cleaning with fresh water and minimal soap or detergent.

When you select Danpal products, you’re making the environmentally smart decision.