Green Buildings by Danpal Support Sustainability


Today’s architect can no longer be content merely to design green buildings for clients. Architecture has become a crucial component in the goal to keep the planet healthy; the more we learn about our environment, the more we realize that everything we do has a consequence. In order to keep those consequences holistic, architects have taken on the responsibility of designing buildings that support sustainability. Buildings in the developed world, because they are so sophisticated and so technologically advanced, account for 40% of the primary energy usage in their countries. At the same time, building materials may account for a significant proportion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It might seem as though the goal to build in a manner that supports our environment might be too difficult. But Danpal has taken up the challenge and, by investing in the research and development that looks to the future, we are helping architects build for a better, greener world.

In order to bring all these factors into balance so that each newly designed and constructed building conforms to federal standards, architects have expanded their professional sense of responsibility. They’re doing their part, and that’s why, at Danpal, we’re doing our part to promote the construction of green buildings.


Danpal’s slogan is Global Vision, Local Focus. With that motto in mind, we’ve been able to focus upon the ways that the overall mission of our company impacts the daily lives of our customers. Danpal is widely respected in the building industry for the sustainable characteristics of our innovative projects all over the world. With a business presence on five continents, Danpal is firmly committed to the interconnected nature of our planet. That requires us to manufacture building materials that are both strong and sustainable: strong, because a building must be able to stand up to the adverse elements of nature; and sustainable because the life of a building extends through generations for whom Planet Earth is also their home.


A transformative revolution in architecture has taken place and Danpal is proud to be a part of it. As pioneers in the concept of daylight architecture, Danpal recognizes that one of the best ways to promote the environment and its benefits is to include it in our buildings. We are a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of daylight systems that have high thermal insulation and mechanical resistance. We have enabled architects to harness one of the planet’s most holistic resources—natural light—in a cost-effective manner that is environmentally responsible.


On-site labor hours are reduced thanks to Danpal’s popular ready-to-install systems for facades, cladding, roofing, skylights and shading applications. This feature is especially useful for installations in open environments or in conditions that are problematic. Saving time and saving money are always popular when they’re made possible by a company like Danpal, which is known for its high-quality products. Doing both in a manner that supports sustainability is the right thing to do for our planet.