Facades That Fight Weather


A lot has changed over the vast number of years since humans first walked upon the planet, but one things has stayed the same: Mother Nature hasn’t lost any of her strength over the millennia. As long as there’s been a planet, there has been weather. And as long as there’s been weather, there has been stress on the structures that humans build for shelter against the elements. Buildings have a life span, nature doesn’t. We’ve all noticed that, instead of losing any of its power, nature seems to be gaining force. Storms topple trees, heavy rains cause landslides, blizzards ground planes and bring travel to a halt, hurricanes level homes and everything else in their paths. No one should take the forces of nature lightly.

Danpal doesn’t take nature lightly, and that’s why our company has spent the 50 years that we’ve been in business continually innovating our products so that they can present a sturdy defense against the adverse effects of nature on buildings. In particular, our facades are designed to mount the most effective defense possible against the threats posed by rain, snow, hail and winds. Weather and buildings are constantly at odds, but with Danpal facades, buildings are strong enough to win the battle.

Danpal Facades Are Built To Resist Weather

Danpal’s engineers and designers have devoted their expertise into fortifying Danpal facades with cutting-edge technology that knows how to keep energy in and weather out. Microcell technology possesses high-quality thermal insulation that backs up energy efficiency to prevent heating or cooling from escaping. Security and high-load resistance are the result of the façade’s double-click locking seams. With our snap-lock connection systems, destructive weather like hail can’t break through to cause damage.

FacadesA Danpal Façade Is Better For Your Health

It’s true! Incredible as it may sound, a façade that’s able to keep weather from damaging the insulation on a building’s interior is also keeping the occupants healthier. That’s because insulation that stays dry isn’t compromised by moisture. When moisture invades a building, the result is mold, which, in turn, creates health problems for the people living inside, particularly if anyone suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments.

Danpal Facades Aren’t Just Strong, They’re Beautiful As Well

One of the most attractive traits of Danpal facades is their appearance. There are so many ways to make a building unique just by choosing the façade that suits your building. Color, of course, always adds so much to a building’s appearance and this is only one of the areas where Danpal’s versatility makes a difference. But there are other features as well. Imagine how striking your building will look if you add depth to the perspective by layering different shades of color. Alternative dark and light colors creates a vivid appearance that adds to your building’s esthetic image. With columns, feature lighting or brick stacks, you can enhance your building’s look. If you’ve always considered buildings as lacking in esthetic appeal, you might want to reconsider that view, because Danpal facades don’t forget the beauty.