Facades deliver superior function and appearance


Take a good look at what’s going on outside a building. What do you notice? If you’re observing the exterior of a building during rain, you’ll see that the skies open up and pour rain down everything below.

There’s no shelter for the building. It’s the same with snow, which falls and lands and piles up on the roof of a building. Cold winds are merciless. A building has nowhere to escape from the wrath of the elements. Weather is a tough adversary and at first glance, a building seems to have no way to defend against the elements.

But even though a building is locked into its location, that doesn’t make it defenseless, as long as it’s equipped with a façade by Danpal. If you’re looking for a way to give your building more protection from the weather, Danpal is here to help.


Facades are probably more well known for what they do to improve the appearance of a building, but in reality, they’re also performing a vital function. With a Danpal façade, you can be confident that your building has superior thermal insulation to provide energy efficiency and comfort for a building’s occupants.

Danpal facades also deliver wind load resistance, reinforcing the ability of a structure to withstand the elements. Our facades are easy to install, so you’re going to reap the benefits in time and cost that come with less on-site labor. Less on-site labor causes less disruption for the building occupants and less cost for the building’s owner.


Danpal has a well-established history for designing and manufacturing products that lead the pack when it comes to innovative performance. Keeping the weather out of a building’s interior is one of our areas of expertise. That’s because our facades employ a double-click locking system for powerful impact resistance. When it comes to the other side of the weather spectrum, our facades offer co-extended UV protection. Rain, shine or snow, we’re the façade experts in the building industry.


We don’t always like the rain and the snow, but everyone agrees that daylight is one of nature’s best gifts! As pioneers in daylighting architecture, Danpal has perfected the art of utilizing natural light to enhance the appearance of a building. By hiding or integrating building elements with conventional glazing, the amount of light can be controlled so that it creates striking visual contrasts in the amount that you prefer.

Variable levels of light transmission are the way to design an appearance that will impress and amaze. Daylighting is a dynamic, exciting way to enhance a building with an esthetic feature that pleases everyone.

In addition to daylighting, Danpal also offers a dazzling palette of colors from which to choose. We have special effects, textures, and finishes that allow you to give your building exactly the right image. Danpal designs products that give buildings strength, beauty, and efficiency.