Cladding: The bodyguard for your building


Your building needs to be protected from its enemies. Those enemies include the pounding rain of seasonal storms that challenges a building’s defenses, finding the weak spots and causing damage that can be costly. Snow is another foe that your building encounters during the cold seasons. The freezing winds blow, ice forms, and snow builds up on roofs. Hail is no friend to a building as it punishes a structure with relentless fury. In order for a building to remain watertight and airtight so that weather can’t cause damage, a bodyguard is needed.

Cladding is your building’s bodyguard. It’s placed upon the building’s exterior to establish a barrier against the weather. Choosing your cladding bodyguard involves selecting a building materials manufacturer with a proven reputation for excellence. You’re looking for a company that is well known for developing high-quality materials that deliver a high-quality performance.

Weather is a 24/7 opponent and so your cladding bodyguard must be ready at all times to defend against whatever strikes. As we all know, weather can be unpredictable and in our current era, where we’re witnessing the increased strength of storms, we want to provide ample protection for our buildings. Danpal is the company that can provide the cladding that will serve as your building’s bodyguard.


You expect a bodyguard to be strong and powerful, right? That’s certainly the case with Danpal cladding, which is made of microcell polycarbonate sheets. Microcell technology and polycarbonate sheets have teamed up like superheroes to bring their best to the battle against the weather. The cladding panels are double-notched to reinforce their watertight strength and prevent moisture from penetrating.


Microcell technology is three times lighter than other building materials on the market, but that just means that it’s more flexible and easier to work with. Being lighter in weight doesn’t mean weaker; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The flexibility of our Danpal cladding is a benefit to the client because it’s so easy to install. Connections are made while the system has support, and that means that additional framed support structures aren’t needed. When clients are able to save money because the installation takes less work and less time, they’re happier with the results.


If you’re looking for a cladding system that makes your building look like it’s protected by a superhero, you want to learn more about Danpal’s Ventilated Rain Screen System (VRS). Our VRS is a model for other systems because it meets the existing federal regulations. It’s both flexible enough to be quickly installed and versatile enough to be placed on a wide range of structures because it connects readily. It’s pleasing to architects because, with so many options, the color choices are plentiful.

A bodyguard can be tough but also attractive; at least, that’s how Danpal feels out cladding as a bodyguard for your building.