The Beauty and Performance of Danpal Cladding


Beauty that’s built to last. That’s one way of describing Danpal’s cladding. Or we could say that cladding, which functions for a building in the way that skin does to our bodies, is as attractive to look at as it is impressive in performance. Ultimately, of course, what we say doesn’t matter nearly as much as what cladding does. That’s where the survival of a building and its ability to be protected against the far-reaching, harmful effects of moisture come into focus. Danpal cladding shields buildings from those harmful effects. The Danpal reputation has proven that our high standards have developed and manufactured products that surpass industry standards and maintain an esthetic look that sets an impressive standard for visual appearance.

Danpal Cladding Keeps Moisture Away

Because it’s connector bound and made of microcell polycarbonate panels, our cladding is both light and solid. Strong enough to withstand the fiercest weather that nature can deliver, polycarbonate is three times lighter than other similar products on the market. Designing a building that’s able to stand up to the elements means choosing products that will give that undisputed edge in the weather wars. As we all know, weather has the power to do a great deal of damage, but it’s not always apparent where the trouble comes from. Much of the time, we’re spectators to weather’s fury, watching from behind windows as the rain pours down from the sky or the snow falls upon the ground. We hear the wind howl and the noise that hail makes as it strikes. But what we may not see, if the insulation of a building is no longer performing up to its optimum level, is the gradual erosion that moisture can cause within a structure.

CladdingDanpal cladding protects insulations so that moisture can’t invade. Our Ventilated Rainscreen System meets all of the regulations that are in effect to ensure that a building’s insulation conforms to federal codes. It also does a superior job of protecting that insulation. No wonder it’s one of our most popular products. The double notching delivers a level of watertightness that’s 100% impermeable so that moisture doesn’t get a chance to penetrate, even under the worst weather conditions.

Danpal Cladding Meets Esthetic Standards

It’s a relief to know that Danpal cladding is going to protect the interior of your building so that it isn’t compromised by moisture. When a building is as beautiful as it’s going to be with Danpal cladding, you’ll want it to be standing for a long, long time.

Danpal offers a wide variety of options so that your building can present an image that will be spellbinding. Color gives a building an amazing versatility, but color isn’t the only feature that you’ll find at Danpal. Would you like your building to sparkle? Danpal can make it happen. Your building can be surrounded by light and reflections, or it can be opaque; it can be bright and shiny. You won’t believe the many different choices that await you!